LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Thousands of troops on high alert for potential deployment amid fears of a Russian invasion into Ukraine, with many Arkansans thinking this is more of a grandstanding test between Russia and NATO.

Dr. Rebecca Glazier with UA-Little Rock believes it is in Russia’s best interest to walk the line right up to Ukraine but not actually invade the country.

She believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is putting on a show for the world to see that Russia is still a player on the world stage.

“But they’re definitely sticking the thumb in the eye of the West and kind of drawing a line in the sand to declare that Russia is still a great power and Russia is still someone to be reckoned with and that NATO can’t come into their backyard and claim they have influence where this is Russia’s territory.” Dr. Glazier said.

Dr. Glazier thinks Germany and France having their own talks with the country could help ease tensions and believes nobody, especially Russia, wants any kind of ground war.