LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two dogs stolen out of a Little Rock family’s yard more than a month ago, are finally back home with their owners.

They were found hundreds of miles away, thanks to a microchip.

The two dogs stolen, were pit-bulls, Chief and Blue. After a month of them missing, the Lowe family got the phone call they never expected.

The two dogs wag their tails, happy to be home with their family. The dogs were found a few days ago on a very busy street hundreds of miles away.

“My dogs ended up in Dallas, Texas,” owner of the dogs, Apollo Lowe said.

Apollo said his home had an electrical fire, causing them to move out. Chief and Blue, locked up safe behind a fence, or so he thought.

His two pit-bulls crawled under the fence, when according to a neighbor, someone drove up and stole them.

“I was a little upset, I was angry. I know my son was too,” Lowe said.

Blue was a birthday gift for his son Nigel when he turned six, and Chief, their newest addition to the family, is in service dog training.

Unsure if they’d ever see Blue and Chief again, the unexpected happened. They got a phone call from a shelter in another state, telling them their dogs had been found.

“I was like where are you guys at and she said Dallas, Texas and I was like Dallas, Texas? How you get all the way to Texas? It was a wild moment. I think I might’ve paced the floor for like 10 minutes,” Lowe said.

Some random people just driving by, spotted Blue and Chief on a busy street all alone and spent two and a half hours trying to save them.

Fortunately, both dogs had microchips, which resulted in a happy and long overdue reunion in Texarkana.

“I was really excited, and I petted Chief because I really missed him,” Apollo’s son, Nigel said.

Both the volunteers who saved the dogs out of the roadway, and the family encourage everyone to get your dog microchipped because you never know when it might be the thing that reunites you.

“I am so glad that Amie, Patty, and Katie helped them get back home,” Apollo said. “These are my babies, they love us.”