LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As what some call spooky season is here, and the fall leaves are about to change colors. The temperature finally matches the good vibes.

Arkansans like Christie Birdsong took advantage of the weather.

“It’s so nice to finally be able to go out and not like sweat the entire time,” Birdsong said.

A group of friends were in the river market enjoying the weather and the colors in the sky.

Carissa Hammons says fall is her favorite season.

“We love fall, we love like the leaves changing, it’s nice to walk around the neighborhoods and see the decorations people have right now it’s definitely a cool vibe,” Hammons said.

Others enjoyed the weather after dark in a unique way. Zachary Orten is a flo artist.

“Flo is like when you spin a hula hoop or you spin a staff or you’re just dancing,” Orten said.

Orten says the fall air brought a group out to enjoy it.

“Obviously being outdoors is pretty great during certain times of the year, fall is the time we like to come out,” Orten said.

They all said they’re taking advantage of the long-awaited crisp fall air.

“With Arkansas I’m always reticent to trust weather changes, but I’m hoping this sticks around,” Birdsong said.