LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin on Tuesday issued a consumer alert against a Benton-based company.

Griffin issued the alert after filing a complaint and temporary restraining order against Hourglass Vixen’s LLC, and its owner, claiming the business violated the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and offering multiple services without a license.

He said the business offered massage, medical, cosmetology and dentistry services without a license.

“The business also simply scams many women out of their money – asking consumers to reschedule therapeutic sessions, and when the consumer cannot, failing to refund their payments,” Griffin said in a statement. “Across the nation, unlicensed beauty shops such as this one have unfortunately been the scene of many tragic injuries, and even deaths, because of complications arising from the procedures they perform.”

Griffin said that Hourglass Vixens operated a business that offered the following services without having licenses for the following services:

  • Cosmetology treatments, body modification therapy, dental, medical and massage services
  • Syringe lip fillers, breast lifts and tummy tucks that require the use of needles or blades
  • Laser liposuction, fat freeze cool sculpting and skin tightening
  • Teeth whitening

Griffin is urging the public to take steps in avoiding the business and to always confirm that a business is licensed to perform the services provided.