VILONIA, Ark. – T-minus 10 seconds…and sleeping?

A central Arkansas Airbnb owner is one of 100 worldwide that will split a $10 million prize for his inventive overnight stay location.

The OMG! Fund contest, which was sponsored by the popular short-term homestay and experience company, narrowed the choices down from thousands of applicants and ended up picking an Arkansan as one of the honorees.

GT Hill owns and operates the Titan Ranch near Vilonia, which is already one of the state’s more unusual Airbnbs in the form of a deactivated Titan II nuclear missile silo.

The complex has been serving as an Airbnb since November 2020 and includes 4,000 square feet of underground luxury.

The silo was originally designed to release the most intercontinental ballistic missiles that the U.S. has produced.

“I’ve got the biggest gun in the U.S., I just can’t find any ammo for it,” Hill joked.

Hill is now planning on building a second Airbnb location, with this one being a replica Titan II missile, which will also be for overnight stays.

“I do kind of wonder if I’ll be getting any calls from the government when I start building this,” he said.

Hill plans on building the replica on its side and above ground, with dimensions of 103 feet by 10 feet in diameter.

But instead of filling it with rocket fuel and a 9-megaton warhead, it will sleep four and have two bathrooms.

During the Cold War, Arkansas was home to 18 of the 54 Titan II missile silos that stood ready for use between the early 1960s and the late 1980s.

“At the end of the day, we’re trying to create an unforgettable experience for visitors, and I think letting guests see the magnitude of and actually stay in a missile will further that goal,” Hill said.

Hill said he will be hiring workers for some of the work while also getting some of the project done himself, with plans to complete the replica by the end of August 2023.