LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas’ Attorney General’s office will lead in an argument against the state of Delaware before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.

The lawsuit is related to unclaimed property being claimed by Delaware, which Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said was then used to balance the state’s budget.

Rutledge first announced the lawsuit several years ago. She said Delaware used around $250 million to balance its budget. That money came from unclaimed money orders sent through the company Moneygram. The orders were never cashed, which can happen when an intended recipient dies or moves, Rutledge said.

Arkansas fund distribution case heads at Supreme Court Oct. 3

Delaware claimed this money, which came from at least 30 other states.

“Delaware, it appears, was using this money to balance its own budget,” Rutledge said. “[It was] using Arkansans’ money to balance the budget.”

The case, Arkansas v. Delaware, will be heard next Monday. Rutledge said this case is significant because it will be Kentanji Brown Jackson’s first day as a sitting Supreme Court Justice. She was sworn in back in June.