LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A troubled Little Rock apartment complex has once again come to the attention of the  Arkansas Attorney General.

Attorney General Tim Griffin has filed a motion against Big Country Chateau. He said that the New Jersey-based complex owners are not cooperating with the court-appointed receiver.

“Big Country Chateau and its New Jersey-based owners have repeatedly defied the court’s orders and are refusing to cooperate with the receiver,” Griffin said. “This is an insult to both our justice system and the tenants of Big Country Chateau, and my office is seeking to hold the owners in contempt of court and sanction them.”

A receiver was appointed Feb. 22 in Pulaski County court in order to repair the apartments and bring them up to code. By the court order, records were to be turned over to the receiver.

The records have not been turned over, Griffin said. The motion filed today compels the complex owners to turn over the records, stating they are in contempt of court for not doing so.

Big Country Chateau has been in the news repeatedly over the past 12 months. Tenants had complained about conditions in the apartments, which led to a code inspection by city officials in July that found over 5,000 violations.