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Arkansas Boat Featured in "Made in America" Event

WASHINGTON, D.C.- President Donald Trump hosted a White House event Monday, highlighting products made in each of the 50 states.

A speedboat built by Ranger Boats in Arkansas caught the President's attention. 

"Good looking stuff, huh?" President Trump asked. "Anybody want to go fishing?"

President Trump toured a display of American-made brands on the South Lawn. He told business leaders his tax cuts, and aggressive trade policies are helping to boost manufacturing in America.

President Trump claims the U.S. has been cheated in trade deals over the decades. The President said his "America First" philosophy will pay dividends for American business. 

"We're putting the trade cheaters on notice: no one rips off the United States of America anymore," says President Trump. "It's happened too much for too long. It's stopping."

In his speech, the President called out China, the EU, Mexico and the World Trade Organization as culprits who've benefited from the unfair trade practices. 

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