NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Double-digit days of gas prices reaching new record highs in May is almost too much to bear.

As of May 31, the average gas price in Arkansas is $4.13. Numbers that affect everyone and our local businesses are feeling the impact.

“Hoping these fuel prices will come back down to more moderate levels,” Founder of Diamond Bear Brewing Company Guss Melton said. “Vehicles that deliver our cans, that delver our grain, and all the other materials that we use. Including our food too.”

Melton says distributors are taking the biggest hit from the expensive fuel.

“They operate the fleet of trucks, they load them up with our brands and other brands,” Melton said. “Most of them are diesel from which is what I understand.”

“Businesses are going to feel the impact,” AAA public affairs specialist Nick Chabarria

Believe it or not, the demand for gas is down 12% compared to 2019, which is the latest non-pandemic year on record.

“If demand continues to drop that could alleviate prices at the pump, but there are still factors that play on a global scale for the gas market,” Chabarria said.

So, it’s wise to be ready for any type of gas prices this summer.

“Be ready for prices to elevate and prepare for them to fluctuate,” Chabarria added.

“We’re just trying to bear with it I think and be as efficient as we possibly can,” Melton said.