Arkansas delegation members condemn actions of protesters

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas delegation is condemning the actions of protesters storming the Capitol. Many of them took to social media while they are in lockdown. 

A symbol of freedom and democracy was under attack as rioters broke through the Capitol doors in protest to the counting of electoral votes.  

“Maybe an hour or so into that debate, an hour and 20 minutes the Capitol was breached by protesters who climbed up on the windowsills, broke out windows, broke into the capital and overwhelmed the Capitol,” U.S. Representative French Hill said. 

Hill took to social media along with all other Arkansas U.S. delegation asking protesters to stop the violence. 

“There’s no place for this sort of violence in our Republic on a day that’s supposed to be an important constitutional day where the House and Senate perform our constitutional duty,” Hill said. 

“It was a very sad day for me. Heartbreaking day,” U.S. Representative Steve Womack said. 

Womack said he got a text while in session warning him that things were getting heated. 

“So I just came back to my office and then all hell broke loose. I’m not kidding you,” Womack said. 

Shortly after, President Trump tweeted out a video saying while the election was stolen protesters need to go home. 

“I’m glad that the Vice President, President both urged people to stop the violence and go home,” Hill said. 

Womack wasn’t as satisfied with Trump’s message. 

“It was inadequate and it was unfortunate that at a time when he should be calling for calm and in civil discourse and he basically leads by saying the election was stolen, which is precisely why the people were here breaking into the Capitol,” Womack said. 

Womack and Hill may disagree on the President’s response, but both want to see Americans accept the results and business to return to normal. 

“Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Order will be restored and we’ll be able to get back to our constitutional duty,” Womack said. 

“Let’s do what Americans are taught to do which is pull ourselves up and go win the next battle at the ballot box,” Hill said. 

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