SEARCY, Ark. — A family calling for help in Searcy 28 years to the day after their loved one, Jarrod Green went missing in the small town.

Green’s death is still being investigated as a homicide, and no remains have ever been recovered. Friday was the first time Jarrod’s mother and sister held a public event asking the community to “Bring Jarrod Home.”

“All it takes is for that one person who has the knowledge to hear. To hear it and feel compelled and speak,” stressed Shannon Green.

Surrounded by friends and strangers on Friday night, she is told the story of the one person she wishes was around the most, her brother, Jarrod Green.

“People gravitated to him because he was so full of life, light and love,” Shannon said. “Life was a big adventure for him, and his adventure was cut drastically short.”

On September 30, 1994, the 20-year-old disappeared. Court documents show investigators believe Jarrod Green had plans to meet a man in North Little Rock, but his car never left town. Officers found it abandoned in a shopping center parking lot days later.

His family is convinced Jarrod was murdered, but do not have enough to by to prove it yet.

“When you go for 28 years with a question mark hanging over how did they die, why did they die, where are they? That’s what will kill you,” Shannon lamented.

Jarrod’s mother Sharon Green added, “As a parent I have never had another happy day in 28 years because I don’t know where my son is.”

Jarrod’s father passed away a few years ago, and his mother is asking for the closure her husband never got.

“I would like to bring his remains home, so that I can bury him. Just imagine if that was your child and the years don’t help,” Sharon urged.

The family has gained and lost leads in recent years. In 2017, Searcy police arrested a man on charges of capital murder and abuse of a corpse, but the case was dropped a few months later in order for detectives to investigate more.

“In a case like this, we have one shot at getting a suspect prosecuted and in jail,” current Police Chief but then Sergeant Steve Hernandez said in 2018. “We want to make sure that the one shot we get, we get everything right.”

The Green’s used to go by the slogan “Justice for Jarrod” but not for Friday’s event.

Shannon admitted, “I would be lying if I said I didn’t want that. I do want the person responsible to be brought to justice for him, but honestly, I just want my brother back. I just want his remains. I want to be able to bury him. I want to give him the least that he deserves.”

The Green family hope Friday’s gather will be the push which leads them where Jarrod is.

“We know people know where he is, and we want them to come forward, and we are never going to stop looking,” Shannon concluded.

You can call the Searcy Police Department if you have any information, you think would be useful to giving the Green family closure.