STUTTGART, Ark. – A lack of rain on top of high temperatures has farmers in Central Arkansas feeling some heat of their own.

Farmers say there hasn’t been enough rain to keep farms up where they should be, and now they’re having to adapt just to make it by.

“We’re probably about 30 days without any measurable rain in this part of the state,” said Jay Coker with Coker Farms in Stuttgart.

Coker says all three of his crops; rice, corn, and soybeans are in critical periods for needing water. The only problem is there’s not enough.

“We’re watering as much as we’ve ever had but we may not have as much water available,” said Coker.

Coker says most farms in Central Arkansas are running in a deficit of water. He says because of this many are having to pick and choose which crops are fed and for how long.

“Depending on what growth stage the crop is in, which crop we think is at a more critical period, that’s basically the crop that’s getting watered right now,” said Coker.

Coker says farmers are having to adapt, relying on their irrigation systems to reuse the water that’s already fallen.

With each day that passed though, water levels drop even more, and stress builds.

“The uncertainty is the big thing,” said Coker.

Farmers say they haven’t experienced a lack of rain in years.

Now they say they are relying on the work they have put into growing specialized crops and farm design to help them get through a dry spell.

Coker says if they don’t get rain in the next 20 days, it could create a real problem for more farmers in Central Arkansas.