Arkansas gas prices reach 7-year high

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Those hitting the road these past few weeks may have noticed it takes more to fill up the tank.

Usually, gas prices take a dip in the Fall. But across the nation, drivers are seeing an increase, with the average cost statewide in Arkansas around $2.94 per gallon. 

A spokesperson with AAA explained it’s all due to the cost of crude oil and the fact that since the summer, the demand for gas hasn’t gone down as road trips and travel continue. 

Micherlean Blakley lives in Alexander but stopped in North Little Rock to fill up her tank after running errands. She’s noticed the heightened cost over the past month. 

“I am surprised at the gas prices,” Blakely said. “They are rather high.”

Just over a year after prices reached all-time lows during the pandemic, they’re taking off again – costing drivers more than just a few cents.

Nick Chabarria with AAA explains, “what we’re seeing right now are prices that are a dollar more expensive than this time last year. Some of those states that are usually a little bit cheaper are really starting to near the $3 mark.”

Arkansas is one of the cheapest states for gas in any given year, falling to the fourth cheapest in 2021. But as national prices go up, we see the toll on local pumps, as well. Chabarria even says this Fall’s price increase is one of the largest in recent history.

“This is the highest average that Arkansas has experienced since October 2014,” he said.

AAA adds that they expect the average in Arkansas to reach $3 or higher in the next few weeks and that prices could continue to fluctuate with the arrival of holiday travel. 

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