LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The debate on who are and are not “real women” is taking place on Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s social media.

Her koozie promotion video labeled “Real Women of Politics” released Sunday night is to some a joke, to others an insult, and to some a product they are purchasing for Sanders’ reelection.

A spoof of a classic Bud Light commercial was promoted by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders online with language like “Real women don’t have to fake it” and “We like our beer cold, not woke”.

She is responding to a paid sponsorship Bud Light did with the transgender influencer, Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney received a special can with her likeness on it that said “Cheers to 365 days.” Mulvaney celebrated 365 days of “girlhood” earlier in March.

All month it’s been a controversy online. Political consultant Michael Cook said an ad like Sanders’s is nothing new for elected officials.

“We call it newsjacking where something that is in the news, if you can somehow piggyback off it and try to take your own spin, your own angle on it, that can then make you part of the conversation,” Cook said.

It’s a tool the Governor’s father, Governor Mike Huckabee used while in office with his “tax me more fund” for those wanting more money in state programs. According to Cook, both have one purpose.

“It’s just a way for her to make some noise, try to get on the national news,” Cook stated.

Others feel it isn’t as innocent. During the ad, singers can be heard saying, “Some companies can’t tell the difference between what’s real and fake anymore. Real people know the difference” and “Real women don’t have to fake it.”

Doctor Gwendolyn Herzig is transgender and owns Park West Pharmacy which openly supports the minority community.

“It’s not an SNL skit,” Dr. Herzig said. “I feel like this is probably a direct slap  in the face for the LGBT community and the trans community, specifically trans women.”

Herzig criticizes more than the subject material, but also the product, four koozies of female governors Sarah Sanders, Kim Reynolds (Iowa), Kay Ivey (Alabama), and Kristi Noem (South Dakota).

Each is being sold on Governor Sanders’s re-election website at the cost of $15 and $7 shipping. When finishing a purchase, the information required includes your occupation and employer with the statement “Campaign finance law requires us to collect your employment information.”

Dr. Herzig said she’d like to see the proceeds go toward of tornado relief or a separate cause to further the state.

“Women come in all shapes and sizes, but I feel like this is just what her view type is,” Herzig added.

While Herzig is quick to cut the video out of her mind, Cook says it won’t take long for others to follow.

“We’ll forget about this one in a week or so, and we’ll move on, but there will be other opportunities she is going to look for to try and get on national news to try and play to the Republican base,” Cook said.

Cook said this goes beyond national news, but it also catches the eye of smaller creators on TikTok and Snapchat. Name recognition Cook said goes a long way when you seek a national office.