LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Hurricane Ian is coming quickly and is expected to cause devastation through the state of Florida.

When Arkansas linemen got the news of the tropical storm, they did what they always do, they packed their bags and hit the road.

More than 60 Arkansas line workers drove out of Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Monday morning with their eyes on the eye of Hurricane Ian.

They said their main goal in going is to help assist with power restoration, which could be difficult due to the debris and other aftermath from the hurricane.

When the storm issue came up and help was wanted, general foreman Michael Matty said none of their workers had to be asked.

“It’s all volunteer. I mean, everyone wants to do it, there hasn’t been a soul that said no, everyone wants to do it and they are here to help.”

This is not the first storm that Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have sent crews to. Matty said he has been to them all, dating back to before Hurricane Katrina.

The crew that left is heading to Peace River Electric in Florida. Peace River Electric an electric distribution cooperative serving more than 50,000 homes and businesses in central Florida.

They left Monday morning to get a head start on the storm. “We’ll mobilize, head that way, and wait out the hurricane,” Matty said. “Once they do an assessment, we’ll get after it.”

At this time, there is no information regarding when they will be heading back home to Arkansas and they said it could be days or weeks, only the storm can tell.