Arkansas man goes viral on social media scaring people while dressed as a bush

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark— An Arkansas man is going viral on social media for dressing up like a bush and scaring people.

He wants to remain anonymous, but goes by “Arkansas Bushman” on his social media platforms.

For the past few months—he has dressed in a leaf-covered suit, jumping out at people who mistake him for a bush on busy sidewalks.  

“I have been scaring people my whole life. I’ve been scaring my sister– nephew- and neighbors. I thought this would be a perfect job,” laughed Arkansas Bushman.

Bushman posts his videos to YouTube and Tik-Tok. In the last few months, he has grown to be an internet sensation. His Tik-Tok videos receive millions of views and says he gets more followers with every post he shares.

“We thought if we could find some people that like laughing, then it would take off,” he said.

Arkansas Bushman has posted videos in front of grocery stores, shopping centers, parks, and his personal favorite… Little Rock’s River Market.

“I love seeing people laugh. You can hear them down the block still laughing– all the way down there still laughing,” he said.

Bushman plans to travel to smaller towns around the state and scare people on other streets.

He says once his YouTube platform reaches one million subscribers, he will reveal his true identify.

If you’d like to watch his videos, click HERE.

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