LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Arkansas is the only southern state that does not have a stay at home order in any counties.

We are one of five states that has not yet taken the leap.

“People have been cooped up now and they are wanting to get out. They they’re outside so they will be okay,” said Connie Taylor, LR neighbor. 

Early Wednesday afternoon, dog parks, fishing ponds and walking trails are packed with people.

“People are just right on top of each other, you’re not six feet apart.,” said Taylor.

Connie Taylor who was just finishing up running errands says shes not surprised parks are still busy but you wont find her there, She only goes to work and the grocery store.

“There’s how many deaths now all over the United States so they just need to take it very seriously. Fun times are over temporarily but its time to take things seriously and be careful,” said Taylor.

In Governor Asa Hutchinson’s COVID-19 updates he addressed this very issue.

“I was concerned about out of state visitors that are coming here. Also about the crowds that are not following social distancing requirements and guidelines that we have,” said Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas Governor.

“I’ve encouraged being outside and keeping a healthy distance is a good thing,” said Dr Nate Smith, Arkansas Department of Health.

However not everyone is following the state’s directives.

Arkansas is the only state in the south that does not have a stay at home order in any counties.

The map below shows which states have put an order in place.

Some Arkansans think maybe it’s time to take the leap.

“I think maybe they should, you know, participate in some of it, I really do,” said Taylor.