Arkansas passengers stranded speak out after Southwest delayed flights for multiple days

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — For three days passengers on Southwest Airlines had to deal with canceled flights and delays.

The airline tried to quickly recover from technical problems that started Monday, but things continued for two more days. In the meantime, several passengers were left stranded.

“I’ve been surprised that they’re not addressing the customer,” a woman who was stranded, Laura Allmond said. “I can’t describe how great it feels to be home.”

Allmond said she is happy to be back home in Little Rock Thursday.

“From vacation you always feel good coming home but this coming home was very different,” Allmond said.

Allmond and her family had quite the journey from Cancun, Mexico to the natural state, after the Southwest had to halt operations over a computer glitch.

“We get into St. Louis and think, we’ve made it, we’re all good we’re great,” Allmond said.

Then their next flight to Little Rock was canceled and she said the system went down again. Allmond said she tried getting a rental car, but that didn’t work and then some people tried renting a U-Haul but that didn’t work either.

She said she wasn’t offered a refund or even a hotel, she was eventually offered a new flight, three days out.

“That was the first of many moments of how is that possible,” Allmond said. “How can they think that’s an acceptable option.”

She wasn’t the only one, she said she heard other people’s stories while in an airport.

“There was a lady behind us that said she was trying to get home since the day before and this wasn’t her first cancellation.”

Allmond said thankfully after taking her story to Facebook she was able to make it home Wednesday, her dog sitter offered to drive to St. Louis and pick her and the family up.

“That was the biggest weigh off my shoulders, to know that we were going to be’ what I called, rescued.”

Since then, a Southwest spokesperson said the airline fixed the network connectivity issue. Meanwhile, Allmond said she still hasn’t heard anything from the airline.

“We got home yesterday, bags are packed and we’re back at work and I’m still not done with this trip,” Allmond said.

Allmond also mentioned it’s frustrating seeing the airline not address the customers or apologize directly but she sees them promote their anniversary sale.

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