LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For the first time in 60 years, the FDA has considered a request to make the birth control pill available for sale over the counter.

“They should absolutely should do it and I think they should rush it through,” Delia Russell said.

The possible approval is something that concerns pharmacist, Anne Pace.

“I would much prefer that we make birth control a behind-the-counter prescription that pharmacists still have some say in what people are doing and be able to watch for our patients,” stated Pace.

HRA Pharma, a French company, started its FDA application process 7 years ago.

The company said its research shows that women can safely evaluate the risks and still take the pill effectively.

A woman in the community, Delia Russell said, “now that we don’t have abortions in many states in this country, at least let these young women do the responsible thing and get the pill”.

Pharmacist, Anne Pace, said making birth control over the counter, doesn’t make it safe.

“A lot of people think anything over the counter is safe and you can take as much or you know you can take it as you want, and that’s just not the case,” said Pace.

Pace said there are many risks.

“I think blood clots are your biggest risk associated with any hormone,” stated Pace.

Although, she does think this could help more women gain access to birth control.

In March of 2021, Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a law allowing pharmacists to prescribe up to six months of birth control to patients.

Pace said, “a lot of women maybe either can’t get to their doctor, don’t have a primary care physician, and that shouldn’t necessarily stand in the way of people from being able to have reliable contraceptive methods”.

The FDA approval for HRA’s pill could come next year, but for now, the only contraceptives available to women over the counter are emergency oral pills.