LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – School districts in Arkansas are now discussing how to implement a new law in the Natural State. 

The law guides how teachers address students regarding their name and pronouns. Every district is having to implement this, though Thursday night the North Little Rock School Board went over it.

The law requires district employees to call students the name that is on their birth certificate unless a parent gives written permission to call them something else.

It also requires that they use the pronoun associated with their gender assigned at birth- again, unless a parent or legal guardian gives written permission not to.

While the NLRSD board did not vote on this Thursday since it is a statewide law, the human resources director did go over it with the board so they know what to expect this upcoming school year.

Megan Bailey, spokesperson for ACLU of Arkansas said this change is one of concern for the transgender community in the state. 

She provided a statement regarding it now applying to all school districts:

“Arkansas’ public schools should create inclusive and welcoming environments for all students, regardless of their gender identity, and teachers should be supported in using correct pronouns for transgender and cisgender students alike.

Teachers should not be prevented from affirming their students’ gender identity, and trans students should not be singled out for discrimination.”

Documents at the school board meeting show this goes into effect July 1, 2023.