JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — School districts in Arkansas continue to see the long-term impacts of inflation. One superintendent said some construction projects cost millions more than intended.

Dr. Jeremy Owoh of Jacksonville/North Pulaski said federal money will take care of Phase Two of the district’s middle school expansion. Two elementary school projects will be next in line, and the budget for those continues to increase because of rising construction costs.

“Inflation has definitely hit us hard,” Owoh said. “A building that would’ve cost $19 million is now costing upward, of $23-$24 million.”

Owoh said this is an issue impacting several districts in the state. He said he hopes legislators take this into account when convening for the next general session.

“We hope that the legislative body will address the inflation, the rising costs,” Owoh said.

Owoh said he thinks teacher pay and other issues should also be looked at. Legislators said they plan to make education a key focus of the next session.