PERRYVILLE, Ark. – From the lighting to the poses, 16-year-old Sophia Turney has mastered the art of taking the perfect Insta pic.

“She loves selfies, and she loves art,” Sophia’s mother Rebecca Tipton said.

Those two passions are what inspired Rebecca to create a selfie studio.

“Being able to work with her and coming up with her favorite creations like her ‘Friends’ wall was very exciting for me to do,” she explained.

“My favorite TV show is ‘Friends.’ I know you’ve all seen ‘Friends,’ like ‘How you doin?'” Sophia said.

Calling it Love Your Selfie Arkansas, it’s more than just a place for snapping photos. Rebecca noted that her daughter is “on the spectrum” of autism.

The mother-daughter duo used their business to open the door for people just like Sophia by only employing people with special needs.

“Having a studio that was friendly for kids on the spectrum or with autism or any kind of special needs was really important to us,” Rebecca said.

As people step foot in the studio, Sophia is able to share her tips for the best selfie with others, like how to, “find the right angle and find the perfect background and the perfect outfit.”

“I was like, “That’s her calling,’” Rebecca said. “She loves to help, she loves to make people feel more beautiful and it was just, I was ready to pop.”

They will change all the backdrops each season, so they will soon create a spooky studio just in time for Halloween.

And while it’s great to help people look good for the ‘Gram, they’re also promoting a bigger picture of acceptance and inclusion with each flash of the camera.