LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas gamers brought the state capitol into the 21st century Thursday morning, by hosting an E-Sports Day with local athletes and lawmakers.

The group Americans for Prosperity-Arkansas hosted the “Gamers at the Capitol” event, introducing leaders to the fast-growing sport of online gaming.

High school and college athletes were able to show their stuff and hear how lawmakers are acknowledging the sport.

Gamer Slate Stanton plays “Super Smash Brothers” for Hendrix College and said he’s proud to be recognized.

“Arkansas is noticing that esports is a real thing, you know? So hopefully we’ll get more funding,” Stanton said. “More supplies to be able to run even bigger tournaments and I think that’d be huge for the game and huge for the community.”

In addition to the showcase matchups, Rep. David Ray also revealed his new E-Sports bill, which officially defines the sport under Arkansas law. Ray’s bill makes sure that paid tournaments aren’t accidentally considered gambling.