Arkansas still struggling with contact tracing issues

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The issue of contact tracing is still a big one here in Arkansas.

For a while it was just the need for more people to be doing that tracing but there have been cases of people not being contacted for several days after getting positive results back.

Officials with the department of health answered questions from lawmakers today and they say there are still isolated incidents of there being an extended period of time before tracers contact cases but on average the department says closing out cases is around 3 days and say they are doing much better than in weeks past.

“Most recently, it’s 19 hours from the time they receive the case to do contact tracing on, they have to contact that case and get the contacts, then contact the contacts and that’s down to around a day,” Don Adams, Deputy Director of Administration ADH.

Lawmakers also heard from app developers that can help with contacts potentially as many people forget who they are around. It would work as a tracker for yourself and sending and receiving information to other phones around with the app.

It could also send push notifications to people who have been exposed. There’s still testing involved with it and obviously, privacy needs to be assured but those developers say that they are using Apple and Google safety measures to prevent that.

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