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Arrest Made in Saline Co. Babysitter Abuse Case

HASKELL, Ark. -- A Benton babysitter accused of abusing an infant she took care of was arrested Wednesday on first degree battery charges. 

According to Benton Police, Torrie Jones, 29, surrendered to authorities. 

Jones' charges are connected to an inexplicable head injury suffered by Ryder Kilburn, now seven months old, on February 3rd. Ryder's parents, Briar and Nadine Kilburn, say the boy was rushed to the hospital after apparently going limp while Jones watched him and his twin sister Kyndall. A cat scan showed the boy suffered a skull fracture, and doctors didn't believe it was accidental. The Kilburns don't either. 

After the initial incident, the Kilburns say Jones cut off all contact with them, despite having been a regular babysitter and close family friend. 

"For her to not come forward and say 'hey, this is what happened,' then that tells me right there she's guilty," Nadine Kilburn said. "We still have no idea what happened to him."

Benton Police then began to investigate. However, the Kilburns say detectives told them initially that Jones also refused to cooperate with them. 

More than two months later, Ryder is still recovering. Doctors say he's experience developmental delays and is at risk for seizures, so he continues to require medication. He also has to attend therapy three hours a week. 

"It's heartbreaking, you know?" Nadine said. "Somebody you trusted to take care of your kids, and they just abused them for whatever reason. I mean, there's no excuse for what she did. He can't defend himself." 

The Kilburns say Jones' Wednesday arrest came as a relief. 

"We're just so happy that justice is finally being served for my son," Nadine said. 

But as Ryder's recovery keeps his parents' hands full, their heads are still full of questions about what happened to their baby boy. 

Jones bonded out of jail on Wednesday and is due in court next month. A letter from Arkansas State Police shows she could be placed on the child maltreatment registry pending the outcome of this investigation. 

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