As summer approaches, family reflect back on-at-home school work

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BENTON, Ark. – The end of the school year has been anything but normal for most families. Overnight parents, like Ashley Kurosaki, became homeschool teachers, and instructors had to move all their lessons online. 

She has three students in the 5th grade and under. 

“This is their house, this is their classroom, this is their lunchroom. Our backyard is their PE,” Ashley said. 

She says teaching three kids is not something she expected to do but their teachers, and everyone involved, helped out tremendously. 

“There have definitely been some crazy moments. Some stressful moments. overall, I feel like our school district has really done an amazing job getting the work to them.”

She says Andrew’s teacher even assigned “life skills” course work. It was a way to teach him how to help out around the house, which in turn helped her out. 

“It was great for him to learn to do the laundry, unload the dishwasher to make his bed and vacuum. Do things he’s going to carry with him forever.” 

Benton School District says, as they near the end of the year, everyone worked hard to create this new normal on the fly. 

“I think parents have realized it’s hard to be a teacher, it’s hard to pay the role of PE, recess, cafeteria, school. I think that’s the biggest thing they have had to adjust to,” Isabella Bradley with the Benton School District said. “From bus drivers to cafeteria workers, teachers, parents, administration, everyone really pitched in to do their part to make sure these kids were taken care of.”

For Ashley, it may be summer break, but they are still making the most of being stuck at home. 

“This time with our family, we would have never had this,” Ashley said. 

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