Augusta community trying to make due after losing only grocery store

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WOODRUFF COUNTY, Ark. — A town in Woodruff County is feeling a food pinch during a time where most find themselves cooking at home.

Augusta lost its only grocery store; with the closest one 20 minutes away; they have created a temporary solution.

“When this Country Mart closed in the town of Augusta everyone here pretty much lost easy access to things like fresh produce and meats,” said Brandon Kelley, owner White River Cafe. “Now the community is going to have the ability to come here to the White River Cafe to get the essential food they need”

“I mean we would run up there a few times a day.” said Kelly

Whether it’s for his small restaurant, or even to grab groceries for home this Country Mart was a lifeline for Brandon Kelley.

“Its been a struggle for everybody in town you know some people just can’t run to Searcy or run to McCrory”

No access to food essentials just wasn’t going to do, so Brandon brainstormed.

“Lettuce, tomatoes, ugh sliced meat…lunch meat…things like that pork chops anything,” said Brandon Kelley.

Starting friday his Augusta restaurant will also focus on having fresh groceries for the community.

“I think its going to be good…I think people will really enjoy not having to go 30 minutes away not having to get something to eat.” said Brandon Kelley.

While Brandon’s solution is temporary the city’s mayor says a permanent one is in the works.

“I can say that there is activity taking place behind the scenes that makes us feel real good that a grocery store will come to town the near future,” said Jeff Collins, mayor of Augusta.

Until then…Brandon says he will take care of his tight knit town.

“I always want to help any way we can and that is what we are trying to do,” said Brandon Kelley.

If you live in Augusta Brandon encourages you to call up here at the white river cafe and make any requests that you have.

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