Avid gun rights advocate target of a drive-by shooting

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A former candidate for Governor and avid gun rights advocate, Jan Morgan, says she’s recently become the victim of a drive-by shooting.

It happened at her private gun club in Hot Springs while she was asleep in the apartment upstairs with her husband.

About five shots were fired, most of which went right into the bedroom where the two were sleeping.

“Flight is not in my DNA,” said Jan Morgan, “Hearing the gunfire, it just seems to go on and on forever. “

Morgan said her husband jumped out of bed, grabbed a gun and ran outside looking for the shooter. Morgan was close behind.

“We could hear the bullets pinging against the wall, hitting the headboard,” said Morgan.

One of those bullets struck the headboard, just inches from Morgans face,

“It was not a typical drive-by and the sheriff said that.,” said Morgan.

She said there are too many red flags that make it seem irregular.

“The fact that they drove by the building instead of just shooting the front, is what your standard drive-by shooting is. They drove past the building and shot up to the second story where our bedroom is,” said Morgan.

Morgan said being a controversial public figure, she’s been getting death threats for the past 10 years; however this time, she said felt different.

“The people that threaten you on social media, those people are usually just blowhards. It’s the guy that doesn’t tell you he’s coming that you need to worry about and this was different,” said Morgan.

Which is why she thinks this is more than a drive-by shooting.

“They’ve thrown out the possibility of domestic terrorism, I’ve thrown out assassination attempt, drive-by shooting and I think only after the investigation we will know for sure,” said Morgan.

This situation would frighten anyone, but not Morgan. She’s taking a different stand.

“I invited them back if you think you are such a tough guy come on back and show us what you’ve got,” said Morgan.

Police are still investigating the shooting.

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