CROSS COUNTY, Ark. – An investigation continues in East Arkansas after newborn twins were found dead in a suitcase Friday afternoon. 

In Cross County today, we learned that the State Crime Lab expects the autopsies for the two babies to be done Tuesday morning. 

Until that’s complete, the Cross County Sheriff’s Office remains tight-lipped about who these babies were. 

People who live next to where they were found are shocked but also want to know more.

Just yards away from where the infants were found dead in a purple suitcase, Clyde Collins spends Monday cleaning gutters atop his rental property.

“I’ve been living here all my life,” he says. “This is my hometown.” 

Friday’s gruesome discovery leaves Collins questioning what’s happened to his town.

“You know, it’s always something being dumped in this ditch,” he continues. “To think something like that had happened was kind of strange.” 

The ditch where the bodies were found remains littered with bags, tires and barrels. Collins tells me he heard a rabbit hunter found the suitcase.

“And I guess, apparently, he opened it, and he’s the one that notified the sheriff,” he says.

“I’ve heard of a lot of things, but I’ve never heard of nobody killing babies and putting them in a suitcase,” adds Collins. 

Lythia Jones lives next to Collins. She says her son, who lives in New York, heard what happened after watching the news up there.

“I don’t know what type of person could do a thing like that,” she says. 

For now, questions about who and why continue to flow through the Wynne neighborhood.

Details remain murky, leaving many on edge.

“You know, I sure hope they find that person,” Jones says.

If you know anything about the babies who were found or who might be responsible for this crime, you’re being asked to call the Cross County Sheriff’s Office or to message them on Facebook.