SUBIACO, Ark. – Authorities make a dangerous discovery during a routine traffic stop outside of Subiaco in Logan County. 

Deputies found the drug fentanyl in the car. Also in the vehicle, was a baby within reaching distance of the deadly drug. 

The recent arrest has a small community of just under 600 talking. 

“I don’t like to see it happen, but unfortunately it’s probably going to,” said Thomas Pevey who lives in the area.

Logan County Sheriff Deputies were patrolling just east of Subiaco on Monday when they pulled over a car for speeding. Sheriff Jason Massey says the deputies smelled marijuana in the car, which led to a search. He says that’s when they found fentanyl. 

“It had a white power substance and it was rolled up in the dollar bill and the person it was found near told the deputy it was fentanyl,” said Sheriff Massey. 

He says a baby was in the back seat. “You know how children can get up and move around. Where this dollar bill was found, it was within reach of this small child.” 

Deputies took Randall Dorrough, 32,  into custody for drug charges and endangering the welfare of a minor. 

“You think of a small child who got their hands on it, it could be a lot worse even if one of our folks touch it,” Sheriff Massey explained. 

Sheriff Massey says this is the first time his deputies have found fentanyl in Logan County and Dorrough isn’t even from the area. 

“In fact, these folks were just going through Logan County. They weren’t local people. I believe the man who was arrested is from Cabot.” 

The drug has been taken to the Arkansas State Crime lab for testing. The one-year-old has been placed in DHS custody. 

Sheriff Massey says Dorrough has since bonded out of jail in Logan County.