Bald Knob City Council looking to revamp social media policy

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BALD KNOB, Ark.- ‘Think before you post,’ This is the message Bald Knob City Council is looking to get across by adopting a new social media policy.

Right now, council members say the policy is vague and needs to be revamped.

“We may be a small town but we still need to do things right.,” said Vince Vire, Ward 2.

The council is looking to keep up with the time when it comes to social media. Where everything is at your fingertips and hundreds of people have instant access.

“We are just trying to make sure that we don’t have city employees sharing confidential information that would break HIPPA and we would also prefer to not have squabbles that go on between different people,” said Vire.

Vince Vire, Ward 2 said these are all the things that have happened in the past but he can’t recall anyone being fired for a social media post.

Vire said that’s post likely due to the current policy having no teeth.

“We are looking to not only put forth a policy of what not to do but we are going to have consequences in that policy,” said Vire.

Vire said the consequences and policy details are still up in the air but everyone seems onboard.

“Having a real policy that says if you represent the town, you need to think twice before you post something outrageous,” said Vire.

Vire said the policy would cover all social media platforms.

The council will talk more about the policy and potentially vote on the topic at the next meeting on December 7th.

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