Bald Knob Police investigating animal abuse case

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Bald Knob Police are investigating a case of animal abuse. The investigation started about a month ago when officers were called to a home in Bald Knob. Officers found signs of abuse then but the steps those officers took weeks ago are now being called into question.

Maggie Bradley runs a Biscuit’s Legacy, a non-profit that works to give animals a better home. She said she’s used to getting calls about neglected animals but she wasn’t prepared for the call she answered last week.

“This is a night I cried myself to sleep and I still do,” Bradley said.

She went out to a mobile home in Bald Knob to check on a few animals.

“At the time we just thought maybe more neglect than abuse or that was my thought process,” Bradley said.

She found several dogs and a cat still alive but in bad shape. What she found in the bushes was a different story.

“We found decaying bodies of six cats and one dog,” Bradley said.

She started asking around and said what neighbors told her still haunts her.

“We were told he put plastic bags over cats heads and tied them to see how long it took them to die. He did the same with dogs. He was putting live animals in the freezer to freeze them to death,” Bradley said.

She immediately reached out to animal control.

“I felt like they were not on top of it. They didn’t realize how bad it is,” Bradley said.

Frustrated with their response, she took to Facebook Live detailing what she found and what she heard.

“Something needs to be done,” Bradley said.

The video racked up thousands of views and caught the attention of Mayor Barth Grayson.

“I got right on it. I checked with anyone I thought would have anything to do with it,” Grayson said.

He immediately called the Bald Knob Police Chief and found they had already been called out to the home about a month ago.

“He told him to not have any more contact with anymore animals,” Grayson said.

Bradley wonders if that’s the case, why was it not enforced.

“It breaks my heart,” Bradley said.

Grayson said he can’t say much but wants the public to know it is all under investigation.

“If you don’t dot your i’s and cross your t’s it can all be thrown out in a court of law and this is something we already have experience on and we do want to seek prosecution,” Grayson said.

Grayson said a report was not filed the first time police were called out to check on the animals. There is a special called city council meeting Tuesday and will address that to make sure anytime police are called out they need to file a report.

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