LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arvest Bank is reminding you to keep your bank account secure after some on social media are speaking out about their debit accounts being hacked.

Hope Clark said Thursday morning she discovered she and her husband had been charged $140 by a company they did not recognize.

After calling Arvest Bank about the charges, Clark learned the company was out of Pakistan, and she was not the only one.

“I called Arvest,” Clark said. “She pulled up the charges and she had actually told me that just yesterday she had someone else call her and complain and it was from the same company.”

After a quick Facebook post, she realized others even with different banks are having the same issue, with the same or similar companies.

A spokesperson for Arvest Bank said there is no evidence of widespread fraud at the bank, and this can happen to anyone at any bank, emphasizing it is likely a merchant issue rather than a bank issue.

The spokesperson said there are significant ways to try and keep your bank secure.

Here are some tips customers of all banks can use to avoid fraud and/or fight it.

  • Check your account/s often – via mobile and online banking channels – for suspicious activity.
  • If you have reason to suspect fraud, contact your bank immediately.
  • Remember that your bank may ‘turn off’ your card as a safeguard if suspicious activity is detected or reported. … Keep an alternate payment method on hand in case you experience suspicious activity on your card.
  • Some bank apps will let you turn off your debit card if you suspect suspicious activity.
  • Some banks allow you to sign up for online/mobile alerts to help monitor your account and watch for suspicious activity.
  • Remember that your bank will work with you to resolve fraudulent activity