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Bauxite School Bus Catches on Fire; Investigation Ongoing

BAUXITE, Ark.-"As I passed by the bus yard, I could look back and see that the bus was engulfed in flames," Weng said.

A Bauxite School bus caught fire early Sunday morning. It happened outside the bus storage facility.
Roger Weng noticed it on his way to work and called 911.

Assistant Fire Chief Adam Cordell said there is no foul play suspected. He said the fire does not appear to be suspicious in nature.

It may have been a mechanical or electrical problem, but the investigation is on-going.

"The flames were about 10 feet above the bus, pretty much the back end of it was engulfed. You did hear some tires blowing," Weng said.

"There was some smoke coming up out of the trees, kind of out of character," Weng said.

"It was probably about 50 percent engulfed when we got there," Cordell said.

The bus was destroyed and no one was hurt.

Assistant Fire Chief Adam Cordell said any fire is unfortunate, but he's glad it happened when it did.

"We hate that we lost property and what-not, but what better time than 6 in the morning on a Sunday, you got no kids, no shop help around to get hurt. It'd be much worse if it were 3:30 on a Tuesday," Cordell said.

There was damage to the outside of the building as well as buses next to the one that burned.

"We didn't see any reason to bring in the State Fire Marshal's office or anything like that. Everything look like a complete accident, some stuff happens, but no foul play by any means," Cordell said.

Weng was just glad he was there to make the initial call to first responders.

"Material things can be replaced. You always want to make sure no one was hurt," Weng said.

The Bauxite School District posted on it's Facebook Page saying no routes will be affected and they will update parents on Facebook if anything changes. 

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