LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A powerful message high above Little Rock’s interstate 30, it not only catches drivers’ attention but it’s bringing awareness to an important topic.

Staci James is the Co-Founder of Hope Movement Coalition and says she wanted to bring parents and family members from the group to the parking lot of Lamar Advertising, where they could see a billboard showing 54 Arkansan faces who died from drug overdoses and fentanyl poisoning.

“They are going to encourage someone who is struggling with substance abuse disorder to reach out for help,” James adds. “this is going to offer a beacon of hope for other parents in the state who have lost someone to an overdose or fentanyl poisoning.”

James hopes the sight of the billboard will save lives and bring awareness to the issue. 

“There’s help for all of you, just reach out,” said James. 

James’s 22-year-old son Hagen Jones was also included among the 54 faces, as he died from fentanyl poisoning in March of 2019. 

“Hagen was amazing; he was the light that shinned brightly in every room,” said James. 

For Brian Yeager, he finds solace when looking up to see his 21-year-old son Garrett’s picture, after his death in 2015 from methadone intoxication.  

“It’s surreal it’s not something you never want to see and then to be able to see it and hopefully his picture be able to reach other people and be aware,” said Yeager. 

Beyond the photos, Yeager says there’s more to his son’s life. 

“Garrett was great, very outgoing, he was loving,” said Yeager. 

James says out of awareness events like this, there’s a clear mission. 

“They are going to start a conversation between parents and their teens about fake pills and what’s on the street,” said James.  

James says the Criminal Justice Institute financed this billboard project.

There will be additional billboards in Bryant, Conway,  Russellville, Jonesboro, and Pine Bluff. 

If you are someone you know is struggling with drugs you can find resources at