Beebe School hires company to track virus levels in buildings ahead of school

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BEEBE, Ark. — When it comes to schools and preparing for classes, the Beebe School District is taking a different approach. They hired a company to test different surfaces across its buildings.

A company rep said although things may look clean, usually, it’s unclear if it’s safe. Next week the classrooms will be full of students for a new school year, and the COVID-19 coordinator said he tried to think about what things he could do that would make the district different and keep their students safe.

“Like every other school district, in that we have numerous processes in place to help with social distancing, make the kids feel safe and comfortable,”  Athletic and Safety Director & COVID-19 Coordinator Chris Ellis said. 

As the clock ticks closer to the first day of class, employees with the district are working. “We’re doing extra cleaning,” Ellis said. 

Everything you can think of at the school district is being sanitized. Now Ellis said they’re taking it a step further.

“They go in and swap about 8200 swaps in your buildings mostly in high traffic areas to identify whether the cleaning company is doing a fanatic job as well as areas they might be missing,” Ellis said. 

The district hired a company to track bacteria and virus levels on surfaces in their buildings. Joe Simpson with the BackTrack explains how it works.

“We use what’s called an ATP meter,” Simpson said. “So what it’s going to do, it just measures the amount of living cells.”

Simpson said meter is built with an Acupoint HC monitoring system that helps you track your facility’s product contamination through a user-friendly ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing. Simpson said it provides an objective, measurable, and immediate way to determine cleanliness levels.

Ellis said by testing, they can make corrections if needed. It’ll be done several times throughout the school year.

The test that was done before this school year came back good, according to Simpson.
“We want them to feel comfortable and safe, and be excited to come to school,” Ellis said.
One of the other many new things the school is implementing is sanitizing stations, that will be placed all throughout the school buildings. For more on what they’re doing, click here.

For more on the meter and testing click here.

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