LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A deadly strain of bird flu is popping up in farms and backyards closer to the Natural State.

The disease has now been found in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and 31 other states.

It can kill 90 to 100 percent of a flock quickly, often within two days.

Poultry was a $4 billion dollar industry in Arkansas in 2021.

According to the Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, it affects other birds also.

“Almost 38 million birds have been destroyed,” said University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture extension veterinarian Dustan Clark. “It’s been seen in turkeys. It’s been seen in backyard poultry. It’s been seen in chickens, such as broilers. It’s been seen in ducks.”

For more information on protecting yourself or a flock, the division of Agriculture is hosting a webinar May 24. You can also stream previous webinars on their website now.