MALVERN, Ark — Wendy Caddy has been looking throughout Hot Spring County for her sister, Susan Cooper, since she went missing in September 2016.

“You just pray and hope,” said Caddy.

Her search led her to a walking trail in Malvern, Thursday morning.

“When I got the phone call saying there has been a body found, I about collapsed,” said Caddy.

Malvern police said a worker found a dead body near the walking trail off of Cherry Lane, around 8.a.m Tuesday morning.

Investigators said it had been there for weeks and they still don’t know the gender or cause of death.

Caddy is hopeful it’s not her sister.

“I won’t say I’m a 100 percent sure she’s dead,” said Caddy. “I will not.”

Ritha Stovall, who lives up the road from where the body was found, said people are concerned.

“They want to know who it was? Why were they left there? were they killed there? Those kinds of questions,” said Stovall. “It was kind of scary. I’m real cautious.”

Stovall said with little information from police about the body, she worries for her teen daughters, who visit the park.

“I tell them to be aware of whose around and make sure there are no cars with anybody sitting in them,” said Stovall.

And if the body turns out to be Caddy’s sister, she’s ready to give the walking trail area a good walk through.

“They found one body,” said Caddy. “What if hers is around here somewhere and [we haven’t found] her?”

The body has been sent to the state crime lab.