LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A video has surfaced online showing a fight at a Little Rock restaurant Saturday night.

Witnesses at Saltgrass Steak House say it all stemmed from an argument over social distancing.

Seth Crews says he and his brother were eating dinner when they heard screams coming from the bar and that’s when he began recording.

“All the restaurant employees were trying to help, they were just in shock like the rest of us,” said Crews.

A police report obtained from the Little Rock Police Department says an employee with Saltgrass Steak House saw the woman wearing the mask in the video tell two others that they were sitting too close. The employee also says that the same woman was purposely coughing on other customers.

Both the report and witnesses indicate the man wearing the U-S-A shirt got even closer, further escalating the situation.

“The guy came up and was touching on his back and giving him a little shove and he just wasn’t taking it and that’s when it all started,” said Crews.

That is when the boyfriend of the woman wearing the mask is seen in the video hitting the other man with a bottle.

Crews’s brother is seen trying to break the argument up.

The two both agree this is something that could have been prevented from the beginning.

“I think if just someone is telling you to stay away from them, you probably shouldn’t get near them, and maybe if you don’t want to get Coronavirus, don’t go to a restaurant,” said Crews.

The county prosecutor says nobody in the video has filed any charges.

Saltgrass Steak House did not respond to our request for comment on their social distancing guidelines.