Cabot graduates hand out ‘life impact’ diplomas

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CABOT, Ark.- Before seniors walk across the stage at graduation, they walk the halls of the high school thanking those who changed their lives.

It’s a tradition in Cabot for graduates to give out two ‘Life Impact Diplomas’ to anyone in the district.

Some students go back to their elementary schools, others bring teachers out of retirement or honor someone whose role isn’t in the classroom.

Thursday, I followed three Cabot seniors, Marlon, Dylan and Jack as they thanked their mentors.

“Telling somebody how you feel and emotions toward a teacher that’s helped you out a lot, that does get to you, ” said Marlon Crockett, Senior, “She’s a mentor, she’s more than just a teacher. “Marlon Crockett, Senior  

Marlon Crockett walks into math teacher Angela Beason’s classroom.

“I’ll always remember the lessons you taught me and the fun times we’ve had in your class. You will be the reason why I remember Cabot,” said Marlon.

From a math teacher to a retired teacher.

“He was showing me different skills and teaching me different jobs I can do in the broadcasting field and I don’t know where I would be without him,” said Jack Starnes, Senior.

Jack Starnes tracked down Chuck Massey retired media teachers in the front office.

“You’re one of the few people that have checked on me. You’ve not just been a friend but a father figure at times. I’ll forever be grateful,” said Starnes.

Then there was one left.

“Over the last three years you have really changed my life,” said Dylan Sampson, Senior.
Dylan Sampson gives his diploma to Officer Larry Thomas.

“I don’t have a lot of friends and you were there for me a lot,” said Sampson, “It’s been a good three years with you by my side. “

“From the tenth grade to the twelve grade, to see you every day. I just wanted to do something and give back to you what I didn’t have,” said Officer Thomas.

After reflecting on their high school careers, these three seniors are now ready for the next chapter.

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