Cabot looking to build a new $7M animal shelter

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CABOT, Ark.- The Cabot Animal Shelter looking to make a 7-million dollar change.

The city wants to build a new shelter to keep up with rising demand. The new shelter would offer more than just space to house stray animals. 

“It’s essential for any community,” said Mike Wheeler, Director of Community Services for Cabot.

The proposed new shelter in Cabot is aimed at keeping dogs out of the kennels by keeping families together. 

 “A lot of times people come to us and they haven’t even gone to a veterinarian because they can’t afford to walk through the door,” said Wheeler.

Director of Community Services for Cabot, Mike Wheeler said the shelter takes in around 20 animals a week from owners who can’t afford vet bills, food, or pet rent. 

The new shelter would offer programs to help owners through those rough times.

“We are really keeping the number of animals down in the city by helping the community keep their families,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said the current shelter sees more than 3,000 dogs a year and has very few kennels. 

“3,400 animals a year coming into 20 kennels just doesn’t work out that well,” said Wheeler.

Often times you can find up to four dogs in a single kennel. However, the new shelter blue springs a quadruple the kennel space.

“Oh my goodness, it’s so necessary,” said Shelby Glover, Program Coordinator.

Shelby Glover is the program coordinator. She said the new facility would allow them to perform surgeries, training classes, and much more. 

“It’s something that could benefit the community in more ways than just animal sheltering,” said Glover.

“There is a void here that we need to fill,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said the proposal still needs to be passed by city council and the community.

He said if all goes well they can start breaking ground next year. 

Below is a statement from the Animal Shelter:

“Based on our mission of keeping owners and pets together while providing programs that support our community, we have designed facilities that will make the lives better for the citizens of Cabot and their families.  We have moved beyond simply housing stray animals.  Our current shelter only has 20 dog kennels and was designed to house and then euthanize 50-60% of stray pets after 5 days in shelter, at an intake rate of approximately 600-700 animals per year.  We have seen our intake numbers reach 3383 per year (Little Rock takes in 4,000 per year as a comparison) and our euthanasia numbers reduced to less than 0.01%.  The current shelter was not designed for the capacity or the programming we have to offer our citizens.  

As the pictures and layouts attached to this show this is not merely an “animal shelter”.  The animal shelter is just a portion of this facility.  It will house the Community Programs office (25 community programs), Animal Wellness and Surgical Center, Adoption Center, and the Animal Behavior/Training/education Center.  All are designed to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Cabot and their families.  

The current facility will be utilized by Cabot Animal Control to house stray animals waiting on their owners, aggressive animals that need to be secured away from the public, bite quarantined animals, Cruelty, and abuse case animals while they wait for court.  These animals currently must be placed in kennels beside our adoptable animals with direct access to the public.  

Please come and voice your support for this much-needed facility in the City of Cabot.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Director Mike Wheeler ( or 501-843-2021. If you email questions to him directly, he can email you back. Or if you prefer, you can email your phone number and he will call you back as soon as possible,”

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