CABOT, Ark.- Cabot Police department working an unusual case of a stolen animal from a pet store.

Safari pets in Cabot called police reporting a ball python was stolen from its enclosure.

“We don’t hear stories like this,” said Sergeant Chris Reilly, Cabot Police Department, “The manager stated they just received a shipment of reptiles in. As the employee was putting the reptiles into the enclosure they were called to another task and at that point a male subject took the reptile from the enclosure.”

Sergeant Chris Reilly with the Cabot Police Department said Safari Pet’s surveillance video caught the whole thing.

So, the store posted still shots of the video to social media, hoping someone would recognize the man and woman.

“It’s unusual, we don’t have many pets stolen from pet stores,” said Sgt. Reilly.

The photos were shared more than 300 times.

According to the police report, the man from the pictures called the pet store and asked why the store was plastering his face all over the internet. Employees told the man, “you know why” and told him there was surveillance video of the snake being stolen. The man then asked to see the footage.

“Social media plays a big part now in criminal investigations because it’s an easier way for us to get the word out,” said Sgt. Reilly.

Safari Pets says the snake was returned to the store.

The owner of Safari Pets said he is not pressing charges but he hopes this teaches the shoplifter a less and he’ll turn his life around.