Cabot woman keeps searching for fixes as yard floods with sewage

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CABOT, Ark. – A Cabot resident is having the enjoyment of her home flushed away by an ongoing problem that is now getting worse.

Rachelle Howell has lived in the quiet trailer community of Fortson Drive for six years. In that time, she’s befriended neighbors and made a home for herself without issue. That is, until now.

A busted pipe now leaks dirty water into her backyard. Raw sewage, toilet paper and even human waste flows from the gaping hole, filling her yard that used to be a common play area for Howell’s kids and pets.

“I’m pretty sure that’s just feces right there in that hole,” Howell said while pointing to the mess. “It’s gross.”

She said the yard has been overflowing with sewage for nearly a month, and the puddle of debris is slowly growing, adding that during the week before Easter she “noticed that this was spewing waste.”

In that time, Howell claims nothing has been done. She said she tried to contact her landlady to try and fix the stream of sewage but hit a roadblock when bringing the issue to her attention.

“She interrupted me and said that she already knew about it, and that she had someone coming out to look at it,” Howell recalled.

Weeks later, though, no one has shown up. FOX16 News reached out to Howell’s land manager with no answer.

Howell also tried her water company, hoping they would be able to mend the pipe, and said they were more responsive.

“They sent their waste management foreman out to look at it, and he said, ‘That’s not acceptable’,” she recalled.

Even though he was sympathetic, the foreman also told her that the issue wasn’t on their end, and the problem had to be dealt with by whomever oversaw the property.

So far, the only changes Howell has seen in nearly a month is a new flow to the waste and some basic cleanup. As late as Friday, someone from the trailer community came out to cover up the toilet paper leaking from the hole, but that was it.

“They started digging a trench,” Howell added, although she’s not sure who began the project, “so [the waste] just sort of goes out into the street now.”

She said she’s running out of people to contact about the sewage issue but will look at reaching out to city officials or the health department if nothing is done.

Howell is hoping something is done before someone gets sick.

“It’s a health hazard. It shouldn’t be like this and it shouldn’t have gone this long.”

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