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Car Leads to Arrest of Two Men in Drive By Shootings

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Little Rock police arrested two men in connection with two drive by shootings that happened over the weekend. 

The shootings happened in two different parts of town with multiple homes and apartments riddled with bullet holes and it all came back to one distinct car.

"It's unnerving because I never had any issues," says Rolanda Foreman who has been in her apartment on Sanford Drive for 5 years.

She says her complex is usually pretty quiet but the other day she noticed something strange. 

"I saw two guys walking down the stairs with I guess it was an AK 47," says Foreman, adding that she doesn't know much about guns.   She says they walked to a blue Subaru parked in front of the apartment building with the weapon.

"It was a long gun and they had it covered with a towel and they were just carrying it and put it in the car," says Foreman.

Saturday night a drive by shooting happened on S. Wolfe Street.  One of the houses was hit 20-30 times by gunfire.

"We did have some witnesses that were outside that saw a small blue car driving down the street with an assault type rifle sticking out the window," says Officer Steve Moore, LRPD.

Sunday afternoon while Rolanda was home with her 4 year old son she heard shots, one bullet even entered her apartment.

"It went through my corner kitchen window, ricocheted off a cabinet, and went into my wall in my living room," says Foreman.

A witness said the vehicle was blue with a spoiler and out of state plates. 

Officers spotted the car, attempted a traffic stop and were led on a pursuit until they caught up with the suspects in North Little Rock.  They arrested 24 year old Wesley Kirkpatrick and 19 year old Saddick Haidara.

"Knowing that it was involved in two different terroristic acts with shots being fired at houses is why we continued to pursue it," says Officer Moore.

Foreman says while her son was excited to hang out with police at the scene she hopes he isn't scarred by what happened.  She wants people to be more mindful of others. 

"If y'all are having these vendettas with people there's other ways to deal with that," says Foreman.  "[Ways] that don't require blindly shooting at a building and not knowing who is on the other side of the walls."

Police say the drive by shootings might have been over some social media postings. 

Kirkpatrick is facing ten counts of terroristic acts and Haidara is facing seven counts of terroristic acts. 

Police say they are continuing to investigate to determine whether anyone else is involved.

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