Carlisle restaurant making upgrades that match social-distancing

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CARLISLE, Ark. – COVID-19 is taking a hit on the economy. More people are being laid off as the number of positive cases rises across the country.

Here in the natural state, the governor is encouraging people to shop and eat local.

We went to Nicks BBQ and Catfish in Carlisle where the establishment has made some upgrades.

Nicks BBQ and Catfish wanted to bring the dine-in feeling outside so people are still able to enjoy their BBQ.

They have tables and chairs set up for social distancing and there is also a space for truck drivers who can stop at Nicks for a meal.

“Business has definitely been slower but we are still here,” said Clay Waliski one of the owners at Nicks BBQ and Catfish.

Things are heating up at Nicks BBQ and Catfish in Carlisle.

Outside cars are waiting in the drive-through while the inside of the restaurant remains empty.

“It does feel a bit surreal we have a really nice beautiful dining room but we have to turn anyone away who would want to dine in favor of waiting out in the elements and taking out their food,” said Waliski.

It’s the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses like Nicks BBQ and Catfish are hoping more people will eat local.

“I’m afraid that if restaurants are forced to shut down 1/3 of them will not open back up for business,” said Waliski.

The establishment also provides a place for truck drivers who can’t just stop at other places for a hot meal.

“We’re 80 feet long and 14 feet tall we can’t get through a regular drive-through,” said a truck driver passing through.

It’s something owner Clay Waliski has always supported.

“They are one of the most integral pieces of maintaining continuity maintaining our supply chain and somebody has to be there for them,” said Waliski.

Even during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I’m glad that Nicks BBQ is doing this for truck drivers because if it wasn’t for a place like this doing this for us we have nowhere to eat,” said the truck driver.

Before the Coronavirus was declared pandemic workers and staff at Nicks were already taking extra precautions- cleaning and sanitizing tables and chairs.

They also check their temperature when they come into work.

If a worker feels sick they have to go home.

Nicks BBQ and Catfish are open until 8 but Clay won’t turn down business if someone comes by a few minutes later.

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