LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — They might be really cool, tricked-out, shiny cars on the outside (okay on the inside too), but behind the drivers seats are a group of people that truly care for their community.

At a local shell gas station in Little Rock, four car clubs gathered to show off their sweet rides. However, it’s more than showing off it’s to help keep people around the area away from violence and bad situations.

“The cars bring attention and the kids like cars,” Rashad Simmons, leader of the Streetrunnaz club said. “We want all the cars out so there won’t be no violence and give everybody something to watch.”

The Streetrunnaz and the Chevy Sliders were just two of the clubs preaching this positive message. These clubs even give back to the homeless community, do drive-throughs for kids birthday parties because they say we’re family.

“Me and the Chevy Sliders last year when that murder on 65th with the police and the guy,” Don Guido founder of the Chevy & American Sliders said. “We actually came down and controlled the crowd for the police.”

These clubs put on car shows every weekend in various locations looking to grow their club and their message.