LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Friday a crowd gathered to watch CARTI unveil its new cancer surgery center. The first cancer-focused surgery center in Arkansas is complete with state-of-the-art technology, scenic views, and top-notch surgeons.

CARTI says it all began with a question from patients asking why they could not have their surgery done at CARTI.

Dr. Yara Robertson, Medical Director of Surgery and CARTI Breast Surgical Oncologist said that patients sometimes travel from hours away to receive care.

“Whether they have to have a simple removal of their cancer, whether they have to have mastectomies, reconstruction…they have to go to multiple locations, multiple places, sometimes on the day of surgery they’re going to one or two places,” Robertson said.

With this surgery center, patients now have a one-stop shop at CARTI.

“Here they can be having surgery where they’re comfortable and in a familiar environment,” Robertson said.

The facility itself has the technology to provide minimally invasive surgeries that will benefit patients and decrease in-house recovery times. Robertson compares operating some of this technology to a video game.

“So, these robots allow the surgeons to sit at a console while they’re performing surgery, so the robot is actually doing the work, but the surgeon is at the console controlling it,” Robertson said.

The center overlooks Little Rock and aims to provide a soothing environment for all. Robertson knows the stresses of having cancer, as she was blindsided by a renal cell carcinoma diagnosis when she was 42.

“I’m a four-year survivor, but it gives me more empathy to understand what patients go through,” Robertson said.

Robertson says that everyone at CARTI wants patients’ fears to be eased when they walk through the doors.

“We want it to be a family atmosphere, we want them to be comfortable, we want them to know they are in good hands,” Robertson said.

Dr. Robertson and the CARTI team have a ‘patients come first’ mindset and said the new center brings happiness to the entire team.

“It just makes me have joy. This facility is beautiful. I think everyone who works here is so happy,” Robertson said.

The surgery center is fully operational and already accepting new patients.