CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Vilonia family says someone shot BB-Gun at their horses

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VILONIA, Ark. – Security cameras catch the moment a Vilonia family says someone drove up to their home and shot a BB-gun at their horses. The family said the horses will be okay but wonder why anyone would do this.

It was a quiet night on this Vilonia country road. The horses were grazing the fields while the Tyler Berrier and his family were inside.

“I was up there playing pool and we heard a noise coming from outside,” Berrier said.

Berrier immediately looked out of his window as the truck backed up then stopped.

“We saw a flash coming from the window,” Berrier said.

In the security camera video, you can see one of the horses bolt from the fence as the driver bolts down the road.

“So they did a burnout, the best they could and took off down the road and I heard laughing going ‘eh eh eh,'” Berrier said.

Berrier tried to rush down the stairs to chase after them.

“I was going to jump in the car and try and chase them down but by the time that happened they were already gone,” Berrier said.

When he looked at the horses, he said they didn’t have any marks but believe whoever was inside the truck shot a BB-gun at them.

“I was kind of confused. I don’t know if it was somebody I knew. Probably wasn’t because they know better,” Berrier said.

Now, he just wonders why anyone would try and hurt an innocent animal.

“That’s on them. I don’t know if they were drunk having a good time but that ain’t cool,” Berrier said.

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. If you know anything about this you can contact them.

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