Central Arkansas drivers react to winter roads

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As winter weather turned highways white with snow and ice, many drivers still braved the storm to head to and from work.

For many, there’s no choice but to take the risk when it comes to getting home safely or heading to work on time for the morning shift.

“I’m working in Little Rock right now, and so I live not too far down the road,” Jackson Adams said as he was filling up his tank at a local gas station before heading into work.

Adams experienced the slippery roads firsthand.

“I thought it was supposed to come in a little bit later tonight, but it really came in hard,” he said.

Adams was one of many drivers worried about how highways will fare overnight and decided to head into his place of work early to avoid the ice.

“I’m going to actually go and stay at the hospital that I work at,” he said, “so I don’t have to fight the snow tomorrow morning.”

Across town, Yusuf Muhammad was also filling his tank before the storm and closely watching the roads. He was able to make the trek home but saw his fair share of dangerous driving while out.

“It’s very, very bad,” he said. “I’ve seen people’s cars slid on the side of the road. I saw a truck turned over when I left my job.”

While both drivers were able to get to where they were going safely, neither would recommend the trip to anyone else. Their message to drivers – stay inside.

“People need to get home, you know, because they don’t need to be out on the streets because somebody is going to get killed like this,” Muhammad said.

“It’s definitely slippery, I definitely wouldn’t take the risk right now,” Adams added.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation recommends checking the IDriveArkansas.com website for road conditions before drivers head out to see the latest road conditions around the state.

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