LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The war between Israeli forces and the Palestinian militant group Hamas continues to rage on Monday.

Eleven Americans are among the thousands killed so far in the attacks; a vast majority of these victims are civilians. This weekend’s surprise attack by Hamas was the deadliest attack on Israel in 50 years.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine goes back seven decades, most of it after World War II. When the state of Israel was created, it was contentious from the beginning.

War between the new Jewish state and the Palestinians already living in the area broke out. Israel won the war but displaced more than 700,000 Palestinians.

The territory was even divided into three parts, Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Even though Israel gave up control of the Gaza Strip, it has kept a blockade in place since 2007. Palestinians said as a result, the Gaza Strip has become one of the world’s most densely populated and impoverished strips of land in the world.

Israel argues that the blockade has been done to stop the Hamas terrorist group from getting stronger.

Israeli ministers have ordered a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip, to move against Hamas, meanwhile a spokesman for the Palestinian militant group now threatening that every hour.

Hamas said they will kill one Israeli hostage for every civilian house bombed without warning.

Barry Block is the Rabbi for the Congregation B’nai Israel.

“Slaughtered by terrorists, wounded, taken hostage,” Block stated.

On a Jewish holiday of rest, relentless air strikes, devastated the state of Israel, after a surprise attack, by a group called Hamas.

“Hamas is a terror organization,” Block said “This is a long-standing terrorist organization extremist Islam, the kind of thing we saw with ISIS.”

This is the deadliest attack Israel has seen in 50 years, killing at least 11 Americans, 700 Israelis, and 400 Palestinians.

“In fact, Israelis are calling this their 911,” Block said.

On Saturday, Block used a map of the Middle East to explain to the children in the congregation what was happening in the Middle East.

“It has been difficult to have to tell Jewish children that our people are under attack for no reason but that they are Jewish and, in this case, living in the land of Israel,” Block said.

His niece’s husband was called up to the reserve forces in Israel after the attack, having to leave his family behind.

“He’s in harm’s way, leaving his wife, my niece, and their three kids sheltering in place in their home, in the center of the country where they are vulnerable to rocket attacks,” Block stated.

He said on his last trip to Israel he met the Mayor of the town under attack.

“He was one of the first casualties on Saturday morning, as he went out to defend his kibbutz, he was murdered by Hamas,” said Block.

As Block said, what is happening is horrible to see, he knows the outcome.

“Israel will be victorious,” stated Block.

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